Nova Studios


NOVA STUDIOS, our home base, is a luxurious Music Recording Studio and creative workspace, nestled on five private acres of beachfront property in New York City. The majestic grounds are ideal for film, commercial, and fashion photography.

Studio Gear

SSL 900+ SE Console
AVID ProTools Ultimate
Apple 8-Core 3.0 Ghzw MacPro w/ 10 G of RAM (2)
Apple 23 in. Cinema Display
Sony Bravia 46 in flatscreen TV for ADR/Voiceovers
(2) Apogee AD-16
(2) Apogee DA-16
DigiDesign 192 I/0
Apogee Big Ben
DigiDesign C24 Control Surface
Apple Logic Studio 8
Ableton Life 8
Magma Expansion Chassis
Glyph 3-Bay Firewire 800 Desktop Chassis Apogee
Digi HD Expansion Card
Adam S3A Monitors
Genelec 5.1 8130 Monitor System


McDSP Emerald Pack HD
Waves Mercury Bundle TDM
Waves SSL Bundle TDM
Synchro Arts Vocalign
Izotope RX 64 Bit Restoration Suite
Izotope Ozone 3
Antares Autotune 5 TDM
Celemony Melodyne Studio
DigiDesign Eleven TDM
Eventide Anthology 2 TDM Bundle
Soundtoys FX Bundle TDM
Wavemachine Labs Drumagog Platinum

Virtual Instruments

Native Instruments Komplete 5
Propellerheads Reason 4
DigiDesign Virtual Instrument Box Set
East West Complete Composer Collection
Toontrack EZ Drummer
DigiDesign Goliath Structure Edition
CME UF80 88-Key MIDI Controller

Instruments Amplifiers

Ampeg SVT VR
Randall RM100
Peavey 5150 II
Peavey Classic 50
Sovtek Mig-50
Marshall 1960B 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
Madison Custom 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
Ampeg 4x10 Base Cabinet


Tama StarClassic Birch/Bubinga 6 piece Drumset
Sabian HHX & AAX Cymbals


Lexicon 960-L
A Designs Pacifica
Avalon VT737SP
PHONE (718) 608-9000
FAX (718) 608-9310
Nova Entertainment Group, LLC
Villa Terranova
2 Wakefield Rd.
Staten Island, NY 10312
Focusrite ISA 828
Focusrite Red 7
Focusrite Liquid Channel
Presonus ADL 600
Vintech Audio 473
Millennia HV3D
Dangerous 2-Bus LT
(2) Empirical Labs EL8 SX Distressers
Empirical Labs Fatso Jr.
Manley Massive Passive
Manley Stereo Pultec EQ
A Designs Hammer EQ
Universal Audio 2-1176
(2) Universal Audio LA-2A
(2) Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor
Aviom 16 Channel Cue System
Radial JD7 Injector
Radial Passive and Active DI Boxes
Radial Pro RMP
Radial SGX System
MOTU MIDI Express 128
DDrum Triggers


AKG D112
(2) AKG C414BXLS
Shure SM7B
(3) Shure SM57
(2) Shure Beta57A
(4) Sennheiser MD421
(4) Sennheiser E604
(2) Heil PR40
(2) Neumann KM184
(2) Neumann U87
Blue Kiwi
Electro Voice RE20
(2) Royer 121
(2) Royer 122V
Audio Technica AT4047
Audio Technica AT4050
Mojave Audio MA200
(2) Audix i5
Audix D6
DPA 4011
Bock Audio 251